Link/Embed Campus Directory

  1. Visit the Campus Directory
  2. Initiate the desired search (such as your department name)
  3. When your department displays, click the “List everyone in…” option
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the “Link/Embed” box
  5. Clicking on this box will expand it showing you first, the direct URL to get to the specific search that you just performed. Second, The embed code that you can copy/paste into Cascade Server. (See attached screenshot) 
  6. Example – Direct link to my office’s listing: University Communications & Marketing
  1. From the Campus Directory search, copy the embed code to your clipboard. Keep in mind you can adjust the height of the embedded results first.
  2. Go into the “Edit tab” of the desired page within Cascade Server.
  3. Place your cursor where you’d like the embed to start.
  4. Click the “Film Strip” icon (Insert/Edit Embeddable media) and click the “Embed Code” tab.
  5. Paste the copied embed code from the Campus Directory over anything currently in that box.
  6. Click Insert
  7. Submit and publish as normal

Keep in mind that if your search results are longer than the height on your iFrame, there will be a scroll bar that appears for users to scroll to view any hidden content.