Student Veterans of America

Student Veterans of America was created to support and encourage military and veteran students. There have been a lot of great and exciting changes on the University of North Alabama campus since its inception and we plan to do even more. We welcome any new and inspiring members! We’ll work hard to make sure that military and veteran voices are heard on this campus and in the community.

The purpose of the Student Veterans of America is:

  1. To foster academic, social, and professional growth;

  2. To provide an environment where veterans can share their experiences, receive support, and assist each other;

  3. To develop better public understanding and appreciation of veteran experiences;

  4. To improve veteran college students as a community network as well as individuals;

  5. To morally and ethically uphold our individual oaths as veterans that, together, we have sworn as a community;

  6. To promote friendly relations between students, faculty, and veteran college students.


If you are interested in joining our organization, please refer to the contact us section on the page, or come visit us in the office on the second floor of the GUC.