The Military and Veteran Service Center has a few programs provided *free of charge to the veterans and dependents at UNA.


*All the programs below are provided free of charge, always. Items such as food and drinks are provided by veterans and staff. We greatly appreciate any donations, and have a donation jar located in the Break Room.

Meeting Room

The Meeting Room is dedicated to student organizations. At request, this room can be rented out free of charge. Seating is available for around 20 persons and has a dedicated 60" TV to display presentations.

Computer Lab

Our computer lab hosts 3 UNA computers, as well as a *free* printing service.

*Printing can only be used for classroom needs. No personal projects.* 


Break Room

The break room is complemented with a seating area and Xbox/TV combo for relaxing during down time in-between classes. It also hosts a mini-fridge, coffee maker, and microwave with free snacks.