Active Duty Military Students

If you are active military and are looking to start or continue your education, there are a number of programs that may interest you here at UNA.  We have several programs that are delivered completely online and are a great fit for active duty learners.  Of note, the Bachelors' of Interdisciplinary Studies degree was specifically designed with military students in mind and offers maximum opportunity for transfer and military credits and allows you to tailor the program toward your specific educational and career goals.  You can learn more at the following link: or can contact the program at:

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree (BIS)
Office of Professional and Interdisciplinary Studies
UNA Box 5168 | 558 Stevens Hall
Phone: 256.765.4530

Craig T. Robertson, Ph.D., Director BIS Degree Program

Ms. Erin Froman
BIS/M.Pr.S Program Coordinator