Course Placement Information

Placement for English Courses

ACT Subscore SAT Reading Score Beginning Course
17 and below 449 and below EN 099*
18-27 450-660 EN 111
28 and above 670 and above May opt for EN 111 H (Honors)

* EN 099 (Basic English) is taken as a noncredit course by students who need to strengthen their skills before progressing on to the required written composition courses in English. Grades of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory are given upon completion of the course.

Placement for EN 111

An ACT English score of 18 or higher or an SAT Reading score of 450 or above will place a student in EN 111 (Freshmen Comp I). Students who do not meet this threshold, or students who do not have a score on file are welcome to take the Accuplacer WritePlacer test in order to test into EN 111. A score of 5 (out of a possible 8) will allow a student to skip EN 099 (Basic English). 

Placement for Mathematics Courses

Your advisor will recommend a math sequence that is appropriate for you, based on your ACT/SAT scores and the mathematics courses you took in high school. Your major will determine the correct sequence. If your major is undecided, you should choose the PreCalculus Algebra sequence.

As indicated in the chart below, students who have taken Geometry and Trigonometry and meet the minimum ACT/SAT scores find they are prepared to take the PreCalculus Algebra or Finite Math course, depending on their major. Other students need their skills strengthened by taking one of the preparatory courses: Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, or Math for Liberal Arts.

ACT Subscore

SAT Subscore

Major requires or student elects MA 112

Major requires or student elects MA 110

15 or below 400 or below MA 100E
MA 105
16-21 410-560 MA 100 MA 105
22 and above 570 and above MA 112* or 
MA 115*
MA 110*
28 and above 690 and above MA 125**  

* Student should also have high school credits for Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry.
** Student should also have high school credits for Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and Trigonometry.
Note: MA 111 and MA 147 may fulfill the math general education requirement at UNA, depending on your major, but may not transfer for general education program credit.


Placement for Foreign Languages

Student at deskIf you have less than 2 years of high school foreign language, enroll in an introductory level foreign language.

If you have 2 or more years of high school foreign language, you may enroll in introductory or intermediate level foreign language. You also have the option to take the CLEP examination for introductory course credit.

If you have three or more years of high school foreign language or native competency, you have the option of gaining course credit by making a satisfactory score on the Level II CLEP examination and qualifying for advanced placement.

Placement for Honors History

Honors History sections are offered for a 6 hour sequence of World Civilization or U.S. History:

HI 101H Honors Survey of World Civilization to 1500
HI 102H Honors Survey of World Civilization since 1500
HI 201H Honors United States History to 1877
HI 202H Honors United States History since 1877

Enrollment in Honors History requires one of the following criteria:

  • 28 or above on ACT Reading Subtest
  • 630 or higher on SAT Reading Subtest