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About the Center

The Mitchell-West Center for Social Inclusion is privately funded and offers academic support services. The Center is dedicated to cultivating inclusive learning environments and fostering a sense of community. Our core mission is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and encourage interdisciplinary collaborations, with the hope of creating transformative, sustainable, and equitable partnerships. The Center is welcoming to all and serves as an accessible resource hub for students, faculty, and staff. The Center upholds our commitment to empowerment, equity, and inclusion through our outreach, collaborations, and research endeavors. With each initiative, we pave the way towards belongingness on campus and in the community.

How does the Center support education?

The Center sponsors and organizes signature programs and initiatives that fill the gaps in what the University is already offering and provides a central hub for the dissemination of information about campus and community supports and events. 

In an effort to create dialogue on a statewide level, the Center will have workshops, panels and other leadership consortia that will address the intergenerational community, specifically, developing ways to address the diversity and inclusion gap between age groups in Alabama.

Find more trainings and education opportunities on our Events page.

How does the Center support research?

In efforts to pursuing our mission of social change, the Center will provide several scholarships/grants to individuals with projects related to (but not limited to):

  • Equality
  • Inclusion
  • Diversity 

The Mitchell-West Center for Social Inclusion will also be partnering with the Center for Student Research for the University annual Scholars Week. 

More information on scholarships and a call for funding, coming soon. 

How does the Center support community & advocacy?

The Mitchell-West Center for Social Inclusion will work in partnership with existing campus offices and as well as community programs and organizations to continue to foster an environment committed to social engagementempowermentequality, and justice.

The Center is vital to this endeavor by providing a space to develop initiatives that could reduce inequalities experienced on campus and within the community and state. Our initiatives will embrace the diverse array of underrepresented, disadvantaged and marginalized groups.