Graphics Standards and Web Communications Committee


  • 1. To serve as an advisory committee on the establishment and implementation of the University’s uniform graphics standards policies
  • 2. To gather and review information on the use of University graphics on and off campus, and assess University graphics standards in light of the information obtained
  • 3. To review the UNA Web Page regularly and to recommend changes to the page to ensure that it contains accurate, up to date information consistent with the graphic standards of the University
  • 4. To propose changes for the improvement of University graphic and web materials and their uniform use
  • 5. To handle any proposals the committee may make affecting university policy according to section C.2 "Shared Governance Procedure for Policy Change Recommendations"
  • 6. To submit a final written report electronically by the first day of the fall semester to the Vice President for University Advancement with a copy sent to the Chair of the SGEC


Minutes of Meetings

Annual Reports