Shared Governance Executive Committee


  1. 1. To serve as the “Committee on Committees” and annually make recommendations to the President regarding membership on all University committees covered by the governance structure 
  2. 2. To provide advice and counsel to shared governance committees in order to help these committees perform optimally 
  3. 3. To conduct ongoing review of the structure and composition of all University committees and to make recommendations to the President regarding changes in structure or committee composition
  4. 4. To review all recommendations for the creation of new University committees, both standing and ad hoc, and to make recommendations to the President regarding their role and effect within the shared governance system
  5. 5. To conduct ongoing review and evaluation of the effectiveness of the shared governance system and to propose to the President any adjustments or modifications suggested by this review
  6. 6. To conduct an ongoing review of the effectiveness of communication of information within the shared governance system at all levels of the University and to make recommendations to the President regarding methods to improve communication where necessary
  7. 7. To serve as the advisor to the President (and others) on assignment of issues to appropriate deliberative constituent groups, including assignment of issues to the Shared Governance Executive Committee itself 
  8. 8. To communicate its deliberations and findings to the President, and after discussion with the President, to the University community 
  9. 9. To receive all written proposed recommendations for policy change, distribute the written proposals to the appropriate Senate, Strategic, or Task Committee of Shared Governance within 15 calendar days of receipt of said proposal, not counting university holidays and breaks as published in the university calendar, and send written notification to the proposal originator of the proposal's status
  10. 10. To ensure the complete, accurate, and timely placement of changes in the Shared Governance Document and to reconcile these changes with the Assistant for Administration, President's Office, and the Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, for the official Shared Government Document archive (Appendix C)


Minutes of Meetings