Strategic Planning and Budget Study Committee

Members (2023-2024)

Ms. Candace Arnold (Staff, 2024)
Dr. Tabitha Blasingame (Faculty, 2025)
Dr. Gregory Buckley (Faculty, 2025)
Dr. Stephanie Clark (Faculty, 2024)
Dr. Jenny Dawson (Faculty, 2026)
Ms. Jami Flippo (Staff, 2026)
Mr. Kevin Haslam (by position)
Dr. Kevin Jacques (Staff, 2025)
Dr. Katie Kinney (COAD, 2026)
Dr. Kelly Latchaw (Faculty, 2025)
Dr. Josh Looney (by position)
Dr. Molly Mathis (non-voting by position)
Ms. Ivie Scott (SGA, 2024)
Mr. Evan Thornton (by position)
Dr. KC White (by position)




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