Strategic Planning and Budget Study Committee


  • 1. To participate in all aspects of strategic planning, including:
    • Reviewing procedures for university strategic planning;
    • Relating the strategic planning process to the annual reports; and
    • Reviewing progress and recommending updates to the University’s Strategic Plan annually.
  • 2. To conduct systematic reviews of expenditure needs and revenue needs including:
    • Reviewing and prioritizing recommendations from all areas of the University concerning financial resource needs, based on the University’s Strategic Plan;
    • Reviewing links between budget requests and departmental annual reports;
    • Reviewing results reported by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee to support assessment, evaluation, improvement;
    • Reviewing prioritized recommendations from the Facilities and Infrastructure Committee to monitor conformity with the University’s Strategic Plan; and
    • Conducting systematic reviews of actual and planned expenditures.
  • 3. To communicate its deliberations and findings to the President, and after discussion with the President, to the University community.



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