What to Expect During Your Program

Planetarium"The Stars are for Everyone". Helen Sawyer-Hogg

The planetarium is an immersive environment intended to simulate the view of the night sky. It has many useful features including pin-point stars, daily and annual motion of the Sun, Moon and planets, an auroral projector, an artificial satellite, twilight and other features. It makes it easy to demonstrate the continuous and every changing spectacle that the night skies provide.

In addition to the sky, the planetarium is equipped with LCD projectors and a sound system. A recent major investment has been made to replace the old control system with a modern computer controlled system.

The planetarium programs have traditionally been more like theatre shows, but we are in the process of developing new shows that incorporate hands-on learner center activities in addition to the normal pre-programmed "show".

Guests sit in chair that is tilted back for comfortable viewing of the simulated sky. The lights go down and the show starts. It really does feel like you are outside at night. Once the show ends, the planetarium operator will do a short presentation on what can be viewed that night ad inform you of up-coming celestial events. A chance to ask questions.