UNA Planetarium Christmas Program

UNA Planetarium will be doing its annual Christmas programs on December 15, 16 and 17.  The program consists of

  • Video presentation "Mystery of the Christmas Star"
  • Planetarium tour "The Sky Tonight"
  • Candy canes while they last

Mystery of the Christmas Star

This video presentation by Evans and Sutherland discusses the issue of what the Christmas star might have been.  Starting with determining when the events described happened, and who the Wise Men might have been, the video then discusses the astronomical objects that might have motivated them to travel a dangerous path through the desert.   The video is intended for all audiences.

Planetarium Program "The Sky Tonight"

This is a staple program at UNA planetarium, and is a live 25 minute discussion of what constellations and planets are visible in the evening sky, as well as any astronomical events that are coming up.  We invite questions at the end.


$5/person. Payments are made at the door.


The program lasts about 1.25 hours