Starlab Portable Planetarium

We are proud to begin offering an alternative to field trips by bringing the field trip to your school.  The Starlab is a portable planetarium that inflates and allows students to get the experience of a planetarium without leaving their school. This is very convenient for doing multiple classes on the same day without interrupting their class schedule.As we begin this service we will offer a program called "The Sky Tonight".  This will cover the constellations, daily motion of the sky, the phases of the Moon and the motion of the Sun over the course of the year.   The program lasts about 45 minutes, giving time for one class to leave and another enter, so that approximately one program per hour is possible. As we move forward additional programs with different content will be offered.  We are happy to work with teachers to modify programs for the needs of their students and support curriculum goals.The fee for the Starlab program is $3/student, with a minimum of $100 due to the fact that travel expenses are fixed regardless of the number of programs done.

StarLab should always be set up in an open space such as a cafeteria, gym, multipurpose room or large classroom. The height of the dome is about 13.5 feet. You should allow at least 6 inches above the dome for a ceiling with fluorescent lighting and 12 inches above the dome for a ceiling with incandescent lighting. The Starlab requires a room with a minimum of 27 x 27 feet. There should always be a clear path out of the StarLab and it should not block any exits. Although the fabric is flame resistant, StarLab should never be set up near an open flame, incandescent lighting, radiators, space heaters or other heat sources.

Capacity will vary with the size and maturity of students, with a capacity of up to 27 people.