How to Schedule Appointments

You can schedule either face-to-face or online appointments with many of the Math Tutors in the MLC. 

To schedule a *free* tutoring appointment with a Math Tutor, all you have to do is follow these steps: 

  1. Go to and log in using your UNA Portal username and password
  2. On the left, under APPOINTMENTS, click on "Search for Availabilities."
  3. Choose the following from the drop down menus on the left (see example below): 
    1. the CENTER (Mathematics Learning Center),
    2. the SECTION (your current math class should appear when you click the drop down menu)
    3. You can also choose the REASON (face-to-face or online)**
    4. The LOCATION (must be Stevens Hall Room 107b, this is the location of the Math Tutor)** 
    5. Pick the date range you are looking for help, then press the "SEARCH" button.

**Both of these choices are required to see available appointments.                                 instructions-to-make-appointments.jpg   

  1. Next, you will see ALL AVAILABLE appointments for your selected date range.  
    Select an appointment time and day clicking on the time block.
    1. When the pop-up window appears, enter “1” to answer the question “How many will be attending?”
    2. Locate the "NOTES" section, and then list: 
      • the math concept(s) that you’d like to work on during your session, and
      • your cell phone number (in case the math tutor needs to contact you)
      • please do not leave the notes section empty! 
This part of "filling in the notes" section helps your Tutor prepare so that you can get the most out of your time in the MLC!


In order to conduct online appointments using Zoom Video Conferencing, you MUST:
(1) let your tutor know you want the appointment virtually through Zoom
- To let your Tutor know you are expecting to meet online simply put "online meeting request" in the notes on tutortrac
(2) have a speaker, microphone, and webcam to use during the online session

ZOOM Video Conference:  

  1. On the day of the online appointment, you should check your UNA Portal email for a URL link to connect to the Zoom meeting (sent from the mathematics tutor). Click on the link to open it, and begin the video conference.
  2. You should have your notes, math problem, or MyMathLab problems ready (visible on the computer or smartphone screen), so that you can “share” your document with the math tutor.   
  3. A mathematics consultant will log in to Zoom and the math consultation will begin. 


***If you have any questions/concerns using Zoom or you need help scheduling an appointment with a math consultant, you may call 256-765-4213 or email