Alabama Technology in Motion

Dr. Karen B. Thorn
Instructional Technology Specialist; Alabama Technology in Motion

What We Do

Using the Alabama Course of Study: Digital Literacy and Computer Science (2018) standards as a guide, the Alabama Technology in Motion (ATiM) Specialist provides professional learning experiences for (K-12) teachers on integrating digital literacy and computer science into the curriculum. 

Professional learning experiences are available on-site and online and are planned and executed in collaboration with participating schools/LEAs to meet their needs and goals. The overriding principle is to ensure that the skills are not just learned, but implemented as a routine part of each teacher or administrator’s job. The ATiM Specialist is a professional educator who is familiar with Alabama's K-12 curriculum and has expertise in using technology in the classroom. That expertise is strengthened by working as a member of the statewide team.

Most professional learning sessions, support, and opportunities provided through the Center are free! Participant educators who attend a professional learning session through the UNA Inservice Center earn clock hours that apply toward teaching certificate renewal.