The Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative, commonly referred to as AMSTI, is the Alabama Department of Education’s initiative to improve STEM teaching statewide, including improvements in the individual, as well as the integrated, STEM subjects.  Its mission is to support Alabama educators and students in learning STEM through doing STEM.

 AMSTI beliefs include:

  • Equity – ensuring learning opportunities for all

  • Expertise – delivering content and pedagogical knowledge and resources informed by evidence of effective practice

  • Efficacy – maintaining high expectations for staff and stakeholders

  • Empowerment - building sustainability and connecting STEM providers in Alabama communities

  • Engagement – learning by doing for staff and stakeholders

AMSTI’s motto is: Learning by Doing

AMSTI has three basic services: professional learning, resources, and onsite support. “AMSTI for All” describes the work of an AMSTI site in providing a menu of services framework to district leaders to discuss how LEA needs may be met by AMSTI's three basic services: professional learning, instructional materials, and educator support. Teachers are eligible for initiative training once they complete Foundational Training in the appropriate subject area. Teachers who attend training receive the designated resources and support needed for implementation. As funding allows, AMSTI services will be provided to both individuals and schools based on the tiered models of support described in math, science, digital literacy and computer science.

Over its history, AMSTI has received both national and international attention for its effectiveness at raising achievement scores and improving student interest in math and science.   Fortune 500 CEOs selected AMSTI as one of 35 “programs that work” from across the nation. AMSTI’s effectiveness and accomplishments have been highlighted by the National Governors Association, The Smithsonian-National Science Resource Center, the National Council of State Legislators, Education Week, Science Generation: A National Imperative at the American Museum of Natural History Summit, and others.

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