Roles & Responsibilities

OGCA is responsible for:

  • Assigning and establishing the University Fund number
  • Establishing the approved original budget to accurately reflect the terms of the award
  • Provide Banner finance training and distribute new award information to PI's
  • Monitor expenditures daily and reconcile project ledgers on a quarterly basis
  • Ensure that project expenditures are charged in accordance with the terms of the award and/or university policy before authorizing
  • Assist PI's with all post-award finance aspects of an award, including project expenses, activities, and reports
  • Ensure that the PI's have approved all appropriate transactions
  • Prepare time and effort certifications quarterly
  • Prepare and submit all financial reporting to funding agencies
  • Review indirect costs
  • Deposit checks and allocate direct deposits
  • Review and post budget revisions
  • Send award close-out date notifications
  • Assist PI's in fulfilling all closeout requirements
  • Assist university/state auditors with all post-award finance questions and backup