Facilities and Resources


Freddie Wood Geographic Research Center

The Freddie Wood Geographic Research Center is housed in the Department of Geography at UNA. The Center is equipped with over 30 computers dedicated to GIS, remote sensing, and other geography applications. State-of-the-art software in the lab is frequently updated and includes: ERDAS Imagine 2016, ArcGIS 10.5.1, Business Analyst 2016 Premium, TerrSet 18.07, Esri CityEngine 2016, Fragstats, GeoDa, SaTScan, CrimeStat, PythonWin, SPSS, R Studio and other associated R  statistical software packages, GRASS GIS, QGIS, and a variety of other analysis tools.

The Freddie Wood Geographic Research Center in the Department of Geography is equipped with an industry-grade large format plotter. Posters can be printed to any length and up to 42” wide.  Printing is done on professional satin photo paper (except for special requests). The base service charge is $25.00 for a print of any size. Additional charges are applied based on print size and color.

For example, a 42” X 36” poster incurs an initial charge of $25.00 + paper/ink charges. On average, a poster of this size costs approximately $30.00 total (depending on volume of ink). Printing services are available by contacting our office by phone at 256-765-4246 or email Lylie Rohling at lrrohling@una.edu

When placing a print order please email the finished poster in pdf format to Lylie Rohling at lrrohling@una.edu including the following information:

1) Print size (Posters should be designed at or scaled to the print size before the file is sent)

2) Number of copies

3) Date needed (Please allow at least one week to process the order when printing is needed by a specific date)GeoLab2

Other Campus Labs

In addition to the Freddie Wood Geographic Research Center, Collier Library at UNA contains computer labs equipped with GIS software and other resources. Geography students and faculty have access to the UNA Herbarium and Plant Resources and Research Laboratory housed in the Department of Biology as well as other campus research facilities. UNA is also a member institution of the Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory.

Current Endowments and Scholarships

The UNA Foundation manages three endowments, two scholarship funds, and a general purpose geography fund to support education, research and other departmental activities. The Ben H. Craig Professorship of Geography endowment provides annual funds for research and development activities among the faculty. The Emma V. Craig Geography Department endowment provides resources for equipment, supplies, travel and other departmental needs. The Dr. Freddie Wood Center for Geography Innovation, Research and Science endowment directs funding towards the development of innovative ideas in geographic research for faculty and students. Additional funds from the Geography Department Scholarship endowment and the UNA Geography Alumni Association provide students with opportunities for sponsored research and financial support for tuition.