Certificate in Global Studies

The Global Studies Certificate is a 15 credit hour program of study offered by the Department of Foreign Languages. Students who have already fulfilled Requirements I and II (below) can complete the Global Studies Certificate in a single semester. Upon successful completion of the  program students will be awarded the Global Studies Certificate, and this achievement will also be recorded on their transcript.


I. Language requirement: Students must demonstrate proficiency in English and another language at the ACTFL intermediate low level or higher by
  • Passing the second semester of a second year language sequence (202)
  • Achieving the appropriate score on the CLEP or OPI Exam
  • Passing a course in the second language beyond the 202 level

For students using English as their second language,

  • Achieving a TOEFL score of 500 (Paper-Based) or 173 (Computer-Based) or 61 (Internet-Based)
  • Achieving an IELTS score of 5.5
II. Study Abroad: Students can satisfy the study abroad component by
  • Participating in an approved UNA faculty-led study abroad program
  • Participating in the semester or year abroad program through the Magellan Exchange (or other approved program abroad)
  • Earning academic credits from an accredited higher education institution abroad
III. Courses: Students must achieve an overall minimum 2.5 GPA in the Global Studies Certificate courses. The course of study is as follows: Credit
Introduction to Global Studies (FL 101 or 101H) 3
Study Abroad Experience* (SA 498) 0
*This non-credit-bearing rubric is used to record the destination country of study abroad on the academic transcript.
12 semester credit hours selected from sections A and B below:
A. 3 semester credit hours of global courses selected from the following: 3
The Legal Environment of Business (BL 240) 3
Communication in a Global Age (COM 205) 3
International Trade and Finance** (EC 463) 3
Global Perspectives through Study Abroad (FL 201) 3
Introduction to Latin American Studies (FL 204 or FL 204H) 3
Culture through Cinema (FL 301) 3
Cross-Cultural Interaction (FL 302) 3
Special Topics in International Studies (FL 490) 3
Economic Geography (GE 321) 3
Geopolitics (GE 402) 3
International Business*** (MG 491) 3
  Cultural Anthropology**** (SO 350)  3
Divided Cultures: A Study of Minority Groups**** (SO 421) 3
Law and Society**** (SO 430) 3
Global Women’s Issues (WS 354) 3


**Prerequisites: EC 251, EC 252
***Prerequisite: MG 330
****Prerequisite: SO 221
B. In consultation with the Global Studies Certificate coordinator in the Department of Foreign Languages, and with a faculty member in the chosen field of concentration, students will select 3 courses (9 credit hours), at the 200 level or above, all of which, like the candidate courses in the Global Component above, in some way bring a global perspective to the material under study. In the capstone essay the student will specify how the three selected courses, together with  the foundation and global component courses, constitute a coherent global focus.
(3 courses) 9
   Total: 15

Capstone: Students must submit a capstone essay to the Global Studies Certificate Coordinator in the Department of Foreign Languages. In this essay the student will articulate how the complement of courses selected to satisfy Global Studies Certificate requirements collectively comprise a coherent global focus.

NOTE:  This page is based upon the 2022/2023 UNA Catalog.
Courses and descriptions are subject to change without notice.


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