Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology

The University of North Alabama's four-year Bachelor of Science program in Engineering Technology is designed to provide our students a vision of engineering's prominent role in shaping and improving society to participate in - and lead - the next generation of engineering accomplishments. Through our program, students will develop diverse engineering and practical skills with a curriculum that provides a basis for future engineering specialization, technology management, professional schools, or an entrepreneurial career.

  • Bio-Engineering Technology: Graduates are prepared to enter the job market in fields such as environmental mitigation, alternative fuels, pharmaceuticals, beverage and food development, and bio-derived materials.
  • Chemical Engineering Technology: Graduates are prepared for careers in traditional manufacturing environments and the petrochemical, agricultural, environmental, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries.
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology: Graduates are well prepared to compete for high-demand and lucrative careers in the north Alabama region's automotive, aerospace, electronics, and consumer product manufacturing industries.
  • Power Generation Engineering Technology:  Graduates are prepared to success in careers in the rapidly evolving energy section, including solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, and tradtional power industries.



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4 years or less


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Why North Alabama?

The University of North Alabama is a leader in programs recognized for quality and student development, including access to career development events like the expansive annual Career Fair.

The Engineering and Technology programs at North Alabama are known for exceptional student service with accomplished professors hailing from ranked universities and is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accrediation Commission (ETAC) of

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