Call for FYE Instructors



Each FYE seminar must:

  • Have a common theme, question, or concern
  • Have each course address the common theme through coursework
  • Offer integrative learning through a shared experiential learning project and/or service activity
  • Include course content focused on student belonging and building student relationships
  • Have a reflective assignment or group capstone project

Expectations for Participating FYE Instructors:

  • Attend FYE instructor workshops
  • Encourage students to participate in the post FYE survey and aid with data collection 
  • Work with ETS to ensure course design is consistent with QM and UNA online course design standards 
  • Use Dropout Detective to insure academic support of all First-Year student 
  • Be willing to provide an encouraging and transformational space for students
  • Help students consider unique career pathways by exploring and finding their niche

The following selection criteria will be used to evaluate proposals:

Relevance: The topic relates to inclusive, creative, and innovative teaching practices for first year students and meets the above requirements

Applicability: The First-Year experience seminar is likely to appeal to a wide range of First-Year students from different disciplines

Utility: The First-Year experience seminar is likely to generate ideas, strategies, or techniques that will benefit the members of the learning first year seminar 



We are no longer accepting applications for fall 2024.