CASE Priorities
The Shine On, Gold campaign, our most ambitious and historic comprehensive campaign to date, is a nod to UNA’s deep and storied history as the oldest university in Alabama, our purple and gold colors, and our abiding bond that unites us as UNA Lions. 

For almost 200 years, the University of North Alabama has served as an anchor for the Shoals community, students, faculty, staff, and more than 75,000 of its alumni and countless friends.

UNA’s dedication to our mission of educating tomorrow’s leaders and preparing them for the global workforce is unshakeable. Ensuring that we are able to continue this vital and lasting mission for generations of students to come takes us all, and our success depends on each one of you. 

This campaign holds many valuable promises for the College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering. Explore the ways in which this campaign is helping us in our mission and how it's changing students' lives across our vast array of programming.

Join us by investing in our vision for UNA’s future, focused in these major areas:

icon representing performing arts

Music Performance Center

Supporting UNA’s long tradition of celebrating the arts in all of its forms.

This campaign priority is dedicated to supporting the construction and maintenance of a state-of-the-art Music Performance Center. This facility is envisioned as a hub for musical creativity and learning, featuring advanced acoustics, rehearsal spaces, and performance halls. The funding will ensure that the center is equipped with the latest technology and instruments, providing an exceptional environment for students to hone their musical talents and for the community to enjoy performances.


Student Scholarships

This priority aims to increase the accessibility of higher education by providing financial assistance to students. Scholarships are crucial for attracting a diverse and talented student body, reducing the financial burden on students and their families. This funding helps ensure that all qualified students, regardless of their financial background, have the opportunity to attend the college and pursue their academic and professional goals.

experiential learning

Experiential Learning

This priority focuses on providing hands-on, real-world experiences that complement traditional classroom learning. It includes opportunities for student-faculty research and scholarship, allowing students to work closely with professors on cutting-edge projects. Education abroad and study away programs are also a key component, offering students the chance to immerse themselves in different cultures and educational environments. Additionally, this priority encompasses internships, which provide valuable professional experience and networking opportunities in various fields.

donor directed gift

Donor-Directed Gifts

This category allows donors to specify how their contributions are used, aligning their personal passions and interests with the college's needs. Donors can choose to support specific departments, programs, research initiatives, or any other area within the College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering. These gifts provide a unique opportunity for donors to make a meaningful impact in areas they are most passionate about.