Early College Tuition and Fees


Early College students will be allowed to take up to two courses at the rate of $33.00 per credit hour. No additional fees will be charged.   

Students will receive bill information by email through their UNA Portal. Payment deadlines are listed in the Schedule of Classes.

*Cohort being defined as courses taught on a high school campus by a UNA faculty member.

Billing Information

Electronic billing (e-bill) is the official means of providing student account statements to all UNA students. A notification of statement availability will be sent to student UNA Portal e-mail accounts and to the e-mail address of each of the authorized users the student has identified.

Students and authorized users can access the student account by going to the UNA homepage and selecting UNA Portal or by selecting Tuition Payment. It is each student’s responsibility to be informed of all payment deadlines.

Financial Hold

A financial hold will be placed on the student’s academic record when there is any past due financial obligation to the University. When there is a financial hold, the student will not be permitted to re-enroll or receive transcripts or any other service from the University.

Please review the most current university catalog for up to date tuition/fees and billing information.