Admission Decision Appeal

Students denied admission to UNA might wish to submit an appeal to the Office of Admissions. Students who intend to submit an appeal should read the information below.

Decision Appeals

Appealing an Admission Decision

UNA carefully and thoughtfully considers all of the information applicants provide at the point of application. UNA’s application review process involves careful consideration of each application. An applicant for admission should submit an appeal explaining any extenuating circumstances and why an exception to admission requirements should be granted.

Submitting a Decision Appeal

Submit your appeal via your MyUNA account along with the following:

  1. One short answer (500 words or fewer) to the following prompt: "Describe any extenuating circumstance that should be considered by the appeals committee, and why." This new, significant and/or compelling information can be related to the applicant’s academic performance; extracurricular activities; or a description of the extenuating circumstances, which information was not provided at the original point of application.
  2. Any relevant supplemental information (optional):
    1. One letter of recommendation from a teacher, school official, or community member who can speak to the nature of the appeal, which should include a compelling background.
    2. Updated transcript, if applicable.

Review and Final Decisions

  1. The Office of Admissions Appeals Committee, made up of UNA employees and faculty, reviews admissions decision appeals to determine if the new, significant, and/or compelling information provided by the applicant warrants a different admissions decision.
  2. For each appeal, the committee makes one of the following recommendations to the Director of Admissions:
    • Conditional admission to UNA;
    • Denial of applicant’s appeal (original decision denying admissions stands).
  3. The Provost will make the final decision regarding admission