Gyms On Campus

 UNA's Wellness Center is located upstairs in Flowers Hall Room 402. All faculty/staff are permitted in the Wellness Center. You must have an updated Mane Card for access, see below for more information. The wellness center offers free weights, weight machines, squat racks, treadmill, stationary cycle machine, and more. 

Note: An updated Mane Card will have a * at the end of your Lnumber. If you do not have * at the end of your Lnumber, you will need to see the Mane Card Office for updating



With UNA rec center you will have access to the weight room, aerobics studio, and basketball gym. The weight room offers free weights, machine weights, treadmills, stair stepper, elliptical, squat racks, and more. Group classes are available each semester and are offered in the aerobics studio. You can find Fall 2020 class times listed below. Click here for more information and hours of operation.

                                           weight room
                                           weight room