Frequently Asked Questions about Tuition


How do I view/pay my account online?

  • To access your student account:
  • You can also access your account through UNA Portal: 
    • Login to your UNA Portal account 
    • Select Billing and Financial Aid
    • Select View Account and Pay Bill
    • For security reasons you will be required to log in again using your Portal login ID and Portal Password

 How can a parent or guardian have access to my billing account?

  • Non-student payers who have been authorized by a UNA student may view and pay a student’s bill on their behalf.  Authorized payers can only be established by the student.  UNA cannot establish an authorized payer for the student.  Authorized users will first be prompted to log in to a secure site with the appropriate ID and password combination.  
  • To add an authorized user to your student account:
    • Follow one of the above steps to log in to your Student Account
    • Click on the Authorized Users Tab and follow the prompts
    • The authorized user you have specified will receive an e-mail notification which contains initial E-bill password and login instructions.  An e-mail notification will be sent to each address provided when a new E-bill becomes available.
  • To access the account for which you are authorized:
    • Visit the Authorized User Login Page by going to the UNA home page, select Resources, then Pay Tuition or select UNA Portal then select Authorized E-bill Login from the UNA Portal home page
    • Log in with your e-mail address and the initial password provided in your E-bill welcome message.  If you have logged in before, you will use the password you selected upon first login instead.

 How will I receive my billing statement? 

  • Electronic Billing (e-bills) is the official means of providing student account statements to all current UNA students.  When a new bill is available an e-mail notification will be sent electronically to the student’s UNA Portal e-mail account and any Authorized Users established by the student.  Students are advised to check their e-mail regularly.   

Can I have my bills mailed to me?

  • Electronic Billing (e-bills) is the official means of providing student account statements to all current UNA students.  When a new bill is available e-mail notifications will be sent electronically from Student Accounts to the student’s UNA e-mail address and any Authorized Users established by the student.  You may obtain a paper bill by accessing your E-bill and printing a paper copy of your bill. 

What types of payments are accepted online?

  • Within the E-bill account, a student and authorized individuals can make online student account payments with an electronic check (e-check) or with a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover).  The option to pay by e-check and credit card are available online or in person only.

New eCheck/eRefund Payment Validation Process

Prenoting Process for Making Payments by Electronic Check or Receiving Refunds by Direct Deposit

The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) has issued a rule requiring that all ACH web debits be validated before they are used to make a payment. To ensure that the University of North Alabama is following the new rule, we are using prenoting to validate accounts. During the prenoting process, we will send a zero-dollar transaction file to the bank to validate if your account is active. 

  • If you do not use your checking account to make electronic payments to UNA, this rule will not apply to you and no further action is needed. 
  • If you have already set up direct deposit for e-Refunds through the Student Account Center and this is the same checking account you use to make payments your account has already been validated and no further action is needed. 
  • If you make payments using your checking account and you have not saved the checking account as a Saved Payment Method and have not set up direct deposit via your Student Account Center, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible to avoid delays when it is time to make payments on your account. 
  • If you have assigned someone as an authorized user on your account to make check payments, the checking account will need to be set up under the authorized user tab within the Student Account Center.  

The validation process can take 3-5 business days. You will not be able to make payments by electronic check or receive electronic refunds (eRefunds) using your checking account until your account has been validated.  The prenote process will notify you if your payment method cannot be validated. The easiest way to validate your checking account ahead of time is to set up your payment profile in Student Account Center.  This process does not apply to credit/debit cards.

 How do I report non-UNA scholarships, employer education plans, state benefits, etc. to UNA?
  • Examples of these may include the following:
    • GI Dependent Benefits - Veteran Affairs will issue the student and UNA a certificate of eligibility once the application has been approved  
    • Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits - Vocational Rehabilitation should notify the Business Office of eligibility
    • PACT (Prepaid Alabama Affordable College Tuition) - PACT should issue the student an eligibility card or letter, send a copy of the documents to the Business Office
    • External Scholarships from schools, churches, organizations, etc. - Students who are receiving an external scholarship should have the checks mailed to the UNA Business Office.  
    • Employer Sponsorship Assistance Programs - Employers may submit payment vouchers or checks (send vouchers to the Business Office and checks to Student Financial Services) 
  • Be sure that documentation (e.g. Employer Vouchers, GI Dependent, Voc. Rehab., PACT) and checks (Scholarships) are submitted to UNA before the payment deadline.  Please remember that payment of amount due is always the student’s responsibility.
  • Send Vouchers, Other Documents and Checks To: UNA Business Office, Attn:  Ginger Gatlin, UNA Box 5045, Florence, AL 35632

I need additional information. How do I contact UNA?

To contact the Business Office, you may call 256-765-4442 or call 1-800-TALK-UNA and ask for extension 4442.

To contact other departments, visit the online departmental directory

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