Philosophy Program

What is Philosophy?

The Philosophy Program at UNA offers a Minor in Philosophy. The program includes courses covering all of the main areas of the philosophical study, from metaphysics to philosophy of religion, ethics, and political philosophy. It also includes courses covering the various periods in the history of philosophy. Students can expect to strengthen their knowledge of, and skills in, ancient philosophy, early modern philosophy, logic, metaphysics, ethics, and political philosophy.

Why Study Philosophy?

Study in philosophy is an essential component of a liberal arts education, as it develops the skills essential to all intellectual pursuits. Our program encourages students to ask the “big questions” and helps them become critical and careful thinkers with the ability to analyze and address hard problems.

Because philosophy trains students to think critically and logically about difficult problems, it is an excellent complement to any major. For those continuing their education after graduation, philosophy provides an excellent foundation. Indeed, students with philosophy training tend to score highly on admissions tests, such at the GRE and LSAT.