RN to BSN Curriculum

Sample schedule for RN Students

(Actual schedules will vary)

Spring Semester
NU416R - Quality and Safety (6 hrs)
NU411R - Leadership (6 hrs)

Summer Semester
NU303R - Nursing Research (3 hrs)
NU305R - Physical Assessment (3 hrs)

Fall Semester
NU302R - Community Nursing (6 hrs)
NU418R - Concepts, Issues & Theories in Nursing (6 hrs)

Professional Nursing Course Descriptions

  • NU302R. (6)  Community Health Nursing Online  Theoretical concepts and application of community- and population-based nursing practice with an emphasis on health promotion, health education and community assessment. Includes clinical components.  Prerequisites: admission to the online nursing major, active RN licensure.

  • NU303R. (3)  Research in Nursing Online  The research process in nursing and the use of research in nursing practice.  Prerequisite: departmental approval required.

  • NU305R. (3)  Health and Physical Assessment Online  Techniques of physical assessment, normal assessment findings, selected abnormal findings, and changes in assessment findings across the life span. Prerequisite: departmental approval required.

  • NU411R. (6)  Leadership and Management in Nursing Online  Leadership/management theories and concepts basic to the planning, organizing, directing, and delivering of nursing services in health care settings.  Includes clinical components. Prerequisite: admission to the online nursing major, active RN licensure.

  • NU416R. (6)  Quality and Safety  Concepts of quality and safety education for nurses (QSEN) and the competencies needed to deliver quality and safe care while exploring use of these competencies in various nursing roles. This course includes a clinical component. Prerequisite: admission to the online nursing major, active RN licensure. 

  • NU 418RW. (6) Nursing Concepts, Issues and Theories   
    Issues and concepts that affect and influence nursing practice and the delivery of nursing care. This course examines the history of nursing from its origins to the present, including the development and use of nursing knowledge and its application to the practice arena. Nursing theories and related theories are examined as well as other types of nursing knowledge. Prerequisite: admission to the online nursing major, active RN licensure.


EN 111 (120) Freshman Comp I 3
EN 112 (121) Freshman Comp II 3
EN 231 Literature of the Western World I 3
EN 232 Literature of the Western World II 3
COM 201 Fundamentals of Speech 3
*Art, Music, Theatre, Philosophy, Religion, or Foreign Language 3
**MA 110 Finite Mathematics 3
***CH 101 Intro. Inorganic Chemistry 4
***CH 102 Intro. Organic Chemistry 4
****HI 101/102 U.S. History I or Survey of World Civilization I 3
****HI 201/202 U.S. History II or Survey of World Civilization II 3
ED 299 Growth and Development 3
PY 102 Introduction to Psychology 3
Bi 141 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BI 142 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BI 307 Microbiology 4
MA 147 Elementary Statistics 3
CNH 342 Nutrition 3


Enough that total credit hours for graduation will equal 128 or above.

*AR 170, 180, 281, 282; MU 222, 244; Theatre 210; PHL 201; RE 221, 231, or Foreign Language

**or MA 112, 113, 115, 125, 126, 227, 237, 238

***Laboratories Required

****Must be a History Series

Students who follow Alabama's state articulation plan may be evaluated on an individual basis.