Dr. John Carr

Current Courses

  • MA 110 Finite Mathematics
  • MA 112 College Algebra
  • MA 227 Calculus III

Previous Courses

  • MA 100E Intermediate Algebra Enhanced
  • MA 100 Intermediate Algebra
  • MA 113 College Trigonometry
  • MA 621 Foundations in Algebra for The Teacher
  • MA 644 Introduction to Graph Theory


  • 2022 Ph.D., Auburn University
  • 2016 B.S., University of North Alabama

Research Interest

  • Combinatorics
  • Graph Theory
  • Edge-colorings
  • Non-associative Algebra
  • Trades


[2] Color Trades on n-cubes and Complete Bipartite Graphs (Submitted).
[1] Decompositions of complete graphs and p-groupoids (with M. Greer), Quasigroups and Related Systems 27 (2019), 201-210.


[8] "Algebraically Describing Color Trades on Complete Bipartite Graphs", LOOPS23, Bedlewo, Poland (June 2023)
[7] "Color Trades on Graphs", 54th SEICCGTC, Florida Atlantic University, FL, USA (March 2023)
[6] "Introduction to Discrete Mathematics and Design Theory", University of North Alabama Mathematics Colloquium, University of North Alabama, AL, USA (October 2022)
[5] "Color Trades (in Graphs)", Auburn University REU, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA (July 2022).
[4] "Color Trades", Auburn University Graduate Student Seminar, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA (September 2021).
[3] "Color Trades", Auburn University Combinatorics Seminar, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA (September 2020).
[2] "Complete Graph Decompositions and P-Groupoids",  National Conferences for Undergraduate Research 2016 Conference, University of North Carolina Asheville, Asheville, NC, USA (April 2016).
[1] "Groups, Quasigroups, and the Sudoku Property", National Conferences for Undergraduate Research 2015 Conference, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA, USA (April 2015).

Dr. Mark Greer

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