Program Calendar

Spring 2024

Jan. 9 AEP placement testing and prep day New on-campus students
Jan. 10 AEP orientation, Term 1 classes begin All students
Jan. 12 Online Learning Day All students
Jan. 15 UNA closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day All students
Feb. 16 UNA closed for Winter Break All students
Feb. 28-29 AEP Term 1 final exams All students 
March 1 On-campus AEP advising/Term 2 registration  All students
March 4 AEP placement testing  New on-campus students
March 6 AEP Orientation/Term 2 classes begin All students
March 25-31 UNA closed for Spring Break All students
May 1-2 AEP Term 2 final exams All students
May 6 TOEFL ITP On-campus students
May 7 AEP advising/Summer registration
May 8 AEP Spring 2024 Graduation Ceremony

Summer 2024

June 3 AEP placement testing and prep day New on-campus students
June 5 Classes begin, AEP Orientation 1 p.m. All students
June 19 UNA closed for Juneteenth All students
July 4 UNA closed for Independence Day  All students 
July 25-26 AEP final exams All students
July 29 TOEFL ITP  On-campus students
July 30 AEP advising and registration
July 31 Summer 2024 AEP graduation ceremony

Students applying to the Academic English Program should follow the application process listed here. The placement test deadlines follow the application deadlines each term. Information about the placement test and the testing deadlines are communicated to students via email upon completing the application.