Lion's Den Policies

We want the Lion's Den to be a fun, safe place. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that everyone has a good time.

  1. Furniture is not to be moved.
  2. Food and drink will not be allowed in the Game Room.
  3. Cleaning of the Game Room will take place frequently, no less than twice a day, with the focus on high touch areas.  A thorough cleaning will be completed during the third shift from the UNA Environmental Services staff.
  4. Cleaning should include door knobs, all seating, railings and stationary surfaces.
  5. All equipment that is checked out will be cleaned by the Game Room Staff with an appropriate Disinfectant Wipe upon checking it back in.  
  6. Cleaning supplies will include a long acting viricidal such as Halt, Genesis and Clorox sprays and wipes.
  7. Students will be asked to tap the card reader themselves with their MANE Card.  
  8. Game Room Staff will be required to wear cloth face coverings while working.
  9. Guests will be required to wear cloth face coverings while visiting the game room while the mask policy is in effect at UNA.
  10. No one is permitted to leave the game room with equipment for any reason.
  11. Return all equipment you sign out.
  12. If something breaks, let a game room employee know as soon as possible.
  13. Students are responsible for any damages to game room equipment. Mane Card IDs will be suspended or a hold put on your student account until the broken equipment has been repaired, replaced, or paid for.
  14. Do not lean or sit on gaming tables, nor should any gaming table be moved by anyone other than Game Room staff.
  15. Keep your items with you at all times. Students are responsible for keeping up with all of their belongings.
  16. No items are to be left in the game room. items left behind will go to the lost and found.
  17. Shoes must remain on at all times.
  18. Absolutely no running/horseplay. This includes being rough with equipment or playing with equipment in a way it is not intended for.
  19. Limit cursing in the game room. Absolutely no screaming of profanities for any reason.
  20. Gambling, betting, or similar activities are not allowed. Students caught gambling will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct.
  21. Do not download any games onto the game room systems from the internet or your own games. Outside games are not allowed to be played on the game room equipment.
  22. Students are allowed to bring one guest at a time with them. Students are responsible for making sure this guest follows all rules and for any damages this guest may cause. This guest is required to leave when the student they signed in under leaves. Anyone without an active Mane Card is allowed to be brought in as a guest no more than four times a month.  Anyone who uses the game room equipment must be at least 13 years of age.
  23. We cannot guarantee any Gamer Tags or profiles will be saved on the gaming unit.