Grand Champion Program

The Lion’s Den Game Room Grand Champion program is a year-long individual Game Room Tournament Competition. The purpose of the Lion’s Den Game Room Grand Champion is to encourage friendly competition between students as they compete in a variety of Game Room Tournaments. The Grand Champion will be determined by the accumulation of points throughout the year. The person with the most points will be the Lion’s Den Game Room Grand Champion for the year!


All University of North Alabama students who have paid their Student Activity Fee for both Fall and Spring Semester of the current academic year are eligible. (i.e. If you can scan into the Game Room, you are eligible)

Entry Information

Entry in Lion’s Den Game Room Tournaments

  1. A student may enter as many tournaments as they would like.
  1. Adherence to posted sign up deadlines (where applicable) is necessary.

Point System and Overall Score Keeping

Earned Points

  1. The top ten finishers in each tournament will be awarded points based on their finish location. 

1st place – 10 points

2nd place – 9 points

3rd place – 8 points

4th place – 7 points

5th place – 6 points

6th place – 5 points

7th place – 4 points

8th place – 3 points

9th place – 2 points

10th place – 1 point

 2. Points are accumulated throughout each semester.  Thus, the more tournaments you place in, the more points you will accumulate.

 3. The top three point scorers at the end of the Academic Year will be awarded prizes.

 4. The top point scorer for the Academic Year will be crowned Lion’s Den Game Room Grand Champion and be awarded a special prize.


Point totals will be tallied at the end of each Tournament. They will be kept in a database and entered by the Game Room staff. Scores will be posted here after each tournament. Signs will be posted in the Lion’s Den Game Room as well.