Applying to TEP/GTEP


Applications for Spring 2024 TEP and GTEP will open January 22, 2024.

Applications are due Friday, February 23, 2024 by 11:55 pm.
Note: Applications submitted February26th through March 8th may not be reviewed and are subject to a $50 non- refundable late fee. Late fees must be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts using the account number 164577- 5999.

Final decisions will not be made until after the end of the semester when grades are posted. You will not be allowed to register for courses requiring TEP/GTEP admission until this time.  

For those re-applying to TEP and GTEP, applications will be processed as received.

Note: Re-apply applications are only for students who have previously submitted an initial application.

Below are PDF instructions for applying to TEP and GTEP.
Instructions for applying/re-applying to TEP
Instructions for applying/re-applying to GTEP

If you are ready to apply, please go the UNA TK20 sign in page at

If you have questions about TK20, please contact the TK20 Unit Administrator, Ms. Nikole Evans, at

If you have questions about the requirements for admission to TEP and GTEP, please contact the Certification Specialist, Ms. Sarah Beth Hester, at

Please review the handbook for your certification level below (Class B, Alt A, A, or AA). You will be asked to submit a completed signature page confirming you have read and understand the handbook as part of your TEP/GTEP application in TK20.

TEP Handbook

GTEP Handbook