Steele Center for Professional Selling

Steele Center for Professional Selling

The UNA Steele Center for Professional Selling (Steele CPS) located on the first floor of Keller Hall, Room 134, provides an experiential learning environment for our students.  Students pursuing the BBA in Professional Marketing and Sales or a minor in Sales use this facility during their studies at UNA. The Steele CPS includes video recording labs where students are recorded while conducting customer interaction role plays.  These recordings are critiqued by professors and industry professionals to give students constructive feedback and recommendations for continuous improvement and development of the skill set needed for success in today’s business environment.

UNA is proud to be one of only 35 universities in the United States to offer this degree program along with facilities available in the Sales Recording Labs. With only a small percentage of colleges and universities offering a program in professional sales, we have a tremendous opportunity to place UNA at the forefront of this demand.

The CPS is recognized as one of the Top Universities in professional sales education by the Sales Education Foundation (SEF) and is also an associate member of the University Sales Center Alliance (USCA) which includes the top 25 sales education programs in the country.  Student organizations include the American Marketing  Association (AMA) and the UNA Sales Society.  Students compete in 8 competitions each year and attend numerous career events with companies from all over the world.

Education is changing in our world whether we want it or not.  Developing a proactive response to these changes is what sets this program ahead of others in our marketplace.  Just as businesses need a positive return on investment, our students and their parents want a positive return on the investment they make in their education.  The UNA Steele Center for Professional Selling and Sales Lab at UNA provide a value proposition that we can deliver to our customers by allowing them to qualify for and secure career positions in business upon graduation.  

Additional information regarding the Steele Center for Professional Selling.

The center is located at:

UNA Steele Center for Professional Selling
Keller Hall 134

For more information, contact:

Timothy D. Butler
Director, Steele Center for Professional Selling
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Department of Management & Marketing
College of Business
University of North Alabama
Office: Keller 134
Phone: 256-765-5240