Dr. Minor's Testimonials

Ms. Anissa Graham

Dr. Minor was an incredibly generous colleague, both in terms of her time and her knowledge. Dr. Minor used to talk about institutional memory, that store of knowledge of policies and precedents that help a department work smoothly. Whenever a meeting got bogged down in minutiae because we couldn't quite decide what course of action to take, Dr. Minor would call on her own rather prodigious memory to help us move along. I was lucky to be her office neighbor in the years before her retirement. Our schedules didn't often overlap, but when they did, she would be sure to stop by my door to say hello and discuss how the semester was going. A lovely thing about talking with Dr.Minor is when you are in conversation with her she is absolutely present in the moment; she gives you her full attention. I’ve seen her do that with colleagues and with students.

Thank you for asking me to participate in this wonderful initiative,

Anissa Graham


Department of English


Dr. Matthew Duques

One time, an English major, who was taking an upper-level course with Lisa in her final semester at UNA, told me it was a pleasure to go to class each session. She learned so much while also feeling comfortable, able to take risks in her thinking and writing. She confided to me that she simply could not believe that she had gone nearly four years without having such an experience.

Another time, I ran into Lisa on campus between classes, during what I suspect was her last week teaching. She was reflective and happy. She told me that she was mindful of the fact that this would likely be her final time teaching T.S. Elliot. Certainly over the course of a distinguished teaching career one can become bitter about one's students or one's academic field. Lisa expressed none of these sentiments to me. She clearly loved the literature she taught and, just as importantly, loved teaching it.

Matthew Duques, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of English

Dr. Katie Owens-Murphy

Dr. Lisa Minor is not only a wonderful teacher, she is an important mentor. Lisa immediately made me feel welcome and supported at UNA when I came here in 2015. In particular, she was incredibly supportive of the work I began doing in the community through Project Say Something as well as at Limestone Correctional Facility. When the Times Daily featured an article on this work, many people left copies of the article with personal notes in my mailbox, but Lisa's stood out. In fact, I still have it hanging above my desk. Among other things, it reads, "If you ever need someone to offer support and encouragement, please consider me as that person." I do consider Lisa to be that person, and I draw on that note for strength when the going gets tough. Ironically, one of her former students now works at Limestone Correctional Facility. When Officer Puckett learned that I was in the English Department at UNA, he began raving about Dr. Minor. He and I often talk about the warmth and kindness she shows her students and colleagues. She has truly modeled what it is to be a good person and citizen in addition to her excellence in teaching. Our department misses her dearly!

Thanks much,

Katie Owens-Murphy, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of English

Dr. Kathryn Brenna Wardell

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Minor as a colleague in the English Department before her retirement. She showed me great kindness when I came on board as a new faculty member, and I have always found her to be gracious, warm, and full of good humor. When I have discussed Dr. Minor with students, they have mentioned the depth of her knowledge and the pleasure they took in attending her courses. We greatly miss her knowledge of the history of the English Department and the University as a whole, as well as her bright smile and cheerful "hello" in the corridors of Willingham Hall.

Best regards,

Brenna Wardell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of English