Dr. Jerri Bullard Empowers Her Students

Lasting Impressions

Dr. Jerri Bullard tremendously touched the lives of her students and her colleagues. She made a lasting and warm impression on everyone that experienced her teaching and mentoring. Read testimonials from her students and fellow professors by clicking on the highlighted names below.

Dr. Bullard’s Testimonials written by Students and Faculty

Olivia Melvin

It is a hard to task to sum up what a professor means to a young growing mind and how much a good professor impacts the lives of the students that he/she teaches.

Dr. Amber Paulk

New faculty members are in need of a great deal of guidance, but not everyone is lucky enough to find someone who is willing to give of their time and expertise.

Indigo Fort

While most of my learning occurred online throughout my program, Dr. Bullard is responsible for my initial exposure to Sociology.

Madeleine Frankford

Dr. Bullard taught several of my Sociology courses, specifically for my Gerontology concentration.

Ryan Pigg

I took Intro to Sociology the spring of 2008 and it was a turning point in my collegiate career.

Wiley Jones

To say that Dr. Bullard had a tremendous positive impact on my life would be an understatement.