The UNA National Alumni Association Board of Directors fosters relationships between alumni and the university through local, national, and international events and programming. We encourage alumni and recent graduates to contribute their time, talent, and treasure to the continued enhancement of the campus community.

Nominations to serve on the alumni board are accepted annually with applicant reviews beginning in May. Membership is a three-year commitment requiring members to attend quarterly meetings and to serve on one standing committee.

The Board of Directors shall be composed of twenty-four (24) members, the Executive Board, and the immediate Past-President.

Terms begin and end on October 1st of each fiscal year. Interested alumni are encouraged to submit their names, or those of other alumni, for consideration at any time. For questions notify the Office of Alumni Relations at 256-765-4201 or

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Susan Adams '80


Will Hodges '10

Dr. Jeremy Baham | VP for Administration
Dr. Jeremy Baham '96
VP for Administration
John Hager | VP for Internal Affairs
John Haeger '99
VP for Internal Affairs
Latasha Howell | VP for Community Affairs
Latasha Howell '01
VP for Community Affairs
Mike Byers | VP for Financial Affairs
Mike Byers '79 
VP for Financial Affairs
Christa Raney
Christa Raney '97
Executive Secretary
Lisa Clayton
Dr. Lisa Clayton '00
Faculty Advisor
Anna Milwee
Anna Milwee '14
Staff Advisor
Mary Leigh Gillespie '96
Immediate Past President
Bishop Alexander
Bishop Alexander '09
Director of Alumni Relations

  • 2021-2022 UNA Alumni Association Board at Large
  • Kimberly Ann Alewine '08
  • Rita Buckley '85
  • Gaye Choat '81
  • Ryan Clayton '01
  • Mike Curtis '77
  • Tyrone "Ty" Dennis '02
  • Christopher Depew '14
  • Clayton Grider '08
  • Allison Hall '06
  • Nicole Henderson '08
  • Cody Holder '10
  • Ann-Marie Irons '02
  • Dr. Eric Kirkman '97, '00
  • Savannah Liles '11
  • Scott R. Milliet '10
  • Haley Newton '10
  • Dr. Tina Smith '92
  • Sherri Stewart '69
  • Holly Tate '09 
  • Denise Watts '77
  • Christy Waters '99
  • Chris Whitten '10

Past Presidents

Dr. Mary Leigh Gillespie '96