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Alumni Board President Aaron Irons

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Aaron Irons '99 • 2017-2018 President



As I gaze out my window, the captain announces we have reached our cruising altitude, and I suddenly I find myself longing for my UNA home. It has only been a week since Homecoming, yet here I am at 35,000 feet, reminiscing about all of the fun-filled events, alumni, friends, and memories made just few days ago.  My heart swells with pride when I think about the University of North Alabama, and I hope yours does as well.    
Giving back to our University has been a fulfilling experience for me, and serving as your Alumni Association president is a privilege for which I am truly thankful.  During our alumni awards banquet, I touched on the idea of “Making Time to Take Time” as it pertains to staying connected to the University of North Alabama. I encourage all our alumni – both near and far – to find your way of giving back, being involved, and staying connected.
It can be something as simple as updating your contact information via the alumni association web page, calling the alumni office, or stopping by Rogers Hall. There are other ways too, including being actively involved with a local area alumni club or possibly starting one where you live. Consider making plans to attend events such as Lions under the Lights, the Alumni Summit, or UNA Derby Day. Your help is always needed during the annual Day of Giving, and of course, you can follow your Alumni Association online or through social media.
I realize before long I will be returning home, and a smile appears on my face because that means I will soon be back at UNA - where you can find me on Spirit Hill, inside Braly Stadium or Flowers Hall, and cheering on our UNA Lions with a stadium cup in one hand and a purple and gold shaker in the other. I know I’ve made it there when I’m walking around campus with my family, admiring the new purple University of North Alabama street signs, viewing the construction of the new Anderson College Of Nursing And Health Professions Building, and, of course, visiting Leo & Una.
Roar Lions!
Aaron R. Irons ‘99
2017-2018 Alumni Association President