Educational Studies Minor

The knowledge and skills taught in education are valuable in many fields.  A person who wishes to work with people in a training or presentation role would benefit from a minor in Educational Studies.  Examples – A trainer in a company, an employee who creates presentations or learning activities for a museum, a nurse who educates families in how to take care of medical needs, a camp counselor, or a person who wishes to continue on to graduate school to become a college professor.  The minor in Educational Studies does not lead to a Class B certification in Alabama. Students interested in obtaining the certification required to teach in the public school classroom should refer to the major programs in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership in the undergraduate catalog.




Variable, but as few
as 1-2 years


Mode Offered


Minor In Educational Studies

Why North Alabama?

With roots tracing back to 1872 as the first state-supported teachers’ college south of the Ohio River, the College of Education and Human Sciences at North Alabama has a rich history of preparing high-quality educators. Our work has expanded to include preparing practitioners and researchers in the fields of education, health, and wellness. We believe that healthy minds and healthy bodies coupled with a desire for knowledge can nurture individuals who are game-changers for the communities of Northwest Alabama, the Southeast Region of the United States, and the world.

Educational Studies Minor

The Minor in Educational Studies requires 19 hours of coursework. 




ED 292

Preprofessional Seminar and Laboratory Experience


ED 333W

Learning Theories and Student Development1


ED 382

Classroom Management for Diverse Learning Environments and Communities1


Select 12 hours from the following: 2


ED 381

Instructional Technology for the High School

ED 401

Evaluation of Teaching and Learning 1

ED 375

Content Literacy

ED 481

Senior Seminar 1

ED 477

Curriculum and Teaching 1

EEX 340

Introduction to Students with Exceptional Learning Needs

ED 340

Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language

ED 497

Special Topics in Education

Content Methods Courses:

AR 470

Methodology and Materials in Art

ED 415

Methodology and Assessment of Teaching English as a Second Language

HPE 300

Methods of Teaching Physical Education, Grades 6-12

HPE 304

Methods of Teaching Physical Education, Grades P-6

MU 381

Elementary School Music Methods

MU 444

Secondary School Music Methods

BE 475

Teaching Career-Technical Business Marketing Education

ED 440

Methods and Materials for Teaching English/Language Arts

FL 497

Methods in Foreign Language Instruction

HES 462

Family and Consumer Sciences in the School and Community

HI 303

History and Social Sciences

MA 425

Methods and Materials for Teaching Secondary Mathematics

SCED 480

Teaching Science in the Secondary Schools

Total Hours



Admission to TEP is required.


May take 3-6 hours in content methods courses.

Admissions requirements

All Education courses require ASBI/FBI background clearance.

Admission into the Teacher Education Program (TEP) is required.

Please see the UNA Undergraduate Catalog for the Teacher Education Program (TEP) admission requirements

Tuition and Aid

Online: $350 per credit hour plus a $50 distance learning fee with no out-of-state tuition or other, traditional fees.

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Tuition Cost

Educational Studies Minor

Online: $400 per credit hour for 30 credit hours.