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The purpose of the Freshman Forum is to provide education and leadership opportunities for freshman at the University of North Alabama. 

Jules Stith: “Freshman Forum helped me to develop skills of leadership and decision making. This experience not only gave me so much knowledge of policy making and teamwork, it provided me with a group of friends that I know I can always rely on. We all pushed ourselves to use our talents to the best of our ability which in turn helped us foster community within our campus.”

Austin Sherill: “Freshman Forum was a great experience. I had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a team, students that served as positive influences on campus, and continued to build onto the high standards of UNA.”

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Executive Council: The Freshman Forum Executive Council includes the Vice President, Clerk, and five committee chairs responsible for setting the agenda of meetings and communicating committee matters to the branch as a whole. The Freshman Forum elects the Vice President and Clerk at the first meeting.

Higher Education Day: Every year, students from across the state travel to Montgomery to meet with legislative officials and celebrate the importance of higher education in Alabama. UNA students specifically spread the word about Project 208, an initiative to bring more equitable funding to the university and bring North Alabama to the front of legislature’s minds.

Colligate Legislature: More commonly referred to as CELG, “[the]Alabama YMCA Collegiate Legislature gives delegates the opportunity to draft, present and debate pressing, relevant bills on the floor of the Alabama House of Representatives. This hands-on learning experience provides college students with a better understanding of the legislative process in Alabama, and the elements necessary for effecting positive change through legislative procedure.” (

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Service: Centered around volunteerism, the Service committee plans, coordinates, and executes service projects on campus and in the community. Dedicated to helping others, members of this committee should have a passion for donating their time to improving the lives of others.

Outreach and Philanthropy: Not only does the Outreach and Philanthropy committee raise money for the SGA Endowed Scholarship, they also work closely with the UNA food pantry to combat food insecurity on campus. Events they plan exist to better connect students to on campus resources.

Student Welfare: Interested in making campus better? The Student Welfare committee seeks student feedback to improve quality of life at UNA. After picking out the most important, relevant concerns, this committee creates a course of action to implement those changes firsthand.

Public Relations: Perfect for anyone with a passion for marketing or mass communications, the Public Relations committee publicizes Freshman Forum events through social media. Members of this committee gain first-hand experience designing flyers, social media posts, t-shirts and more.

Social: Event planner extraordinaires are vital for the Social committee. Responsible for engaging first-year students with one another, this committee creates fun, welcoming events to increase student retention. Members of this committee work with University staff to secure spaces and supplies for these events.

Freshman Forum meets every Wednesday at 4:30, in the SGA Chamber on the bottom floor on the GUC.

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