Legal Consequences – State of Alabama

Alcohol-related violations can be costly, both financially and educationally.  Following are some of the consequences related to alcohol and other drug violations:

  1. DUI. The cost of a single DUI offense can run between $600 and $2,100, just if you get pulled over. If there's an accident, it can be much worse. DUI facts you should know:
    • You don't have to be driving to be convicted of DUI - being in physical control of the vehicle (sitting in the driver's seat with the keys in the ignition) is enough.
    • Even on a first DUI offense, jail time may be given, especially when there's an accident or a high blood-alcohol level.
  1. PUBLIC INTOXICATION. Arrest is automatic for this offense, which covers any behavior in a public place that indicates intoxication, either alcohol- or drug-induced. The cost of a public-intoxication arrest is $336. Offenders must also attend a drug- or alcohol-abuse program and pay the program cost.
  2. OPEN BEVERAGE CONTAINERS. It is illegal in Florence to carry an open alcoholic beverage in public, or to drive a car in which there is an open alcoholic beverage. This ordinance includes cups, bottles, and cans, and applies equally to party goers and patrons of bars. A violation could cost $236.
  3. IMPROPER IDENTIFICATION BY A MINOR (Fake Id’s). Improperly identifying yourself can cost you $336 and possible suspension of your license for 90 days.
  4. MINOR IN POSSESSION OF ALCOHOL. If you’re under 21 and you’ve got alcohol, it could cost you at least $336. If you’re over 21, read items 6 and 7 below.
  5. SALE OF ALCOHOL TO MINORS. A first offense can cost $686; a second offense could include jail time plus a fine.
  6. ADULT ALLOWING MINORS TO CONSUME OR POSSESS ALCOHOL AT AN OPEN HOUSE PARTY. If cited for this offense, you must appear in court and can be fined up to $661.
  7. LITTERING. "Litter" in this case includes cigarettes, cups, beer cans and bottles, as well as anything else you might toss aside. If you are caught littering, you could pay up to $286 plus a fine set by the judge. You can be fined $400 for littering from a car.
  8. NOISE ORDINANCE VIOLATION. If your neighbors can hear your TV, music, or voice, they can call the police. A citation could cost you a minimum of $286.
  9. PARKING. You can't just park anywhere-especially on your own or anyone else's lawn, in front of a neighbor's driveway, too far away from the curb, or in a no-parking zone. Obtain any permits you need, both on and off campus, as early as possible.
  10. FALSE OR NUISANCE FIRE ALARMS. False reports can result in community service hours and/or fines up to $500 plus restitution.
  11. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE III. Including members of the same household or a dating relationship, this offense typically results in the arrest of one or both of the parties involved and requires a mandatory court appearance.
TRESPASSING. Some parks have specific opening and closing hours, and time spent in the park outside those hours is trespassing. Pay attention to warning signs at spillways and dams, too. Any trespassing offense could cost $286 or more.