Child Welfare Certificate

The Certificate in Child Welfare Practice program is a competency-based training curriculum designed to prepare students to provide services to at-risk children and families through a wide range of public and private agencies.  

The Certificate is open to all majors and area professionals, and requires a total of 18 hours of coursework. 


Introduction to Social Work (SW 230)
Human Behavior and the Social Environment I: Infancy to Young Adulthood (SW 315)
Mental Illness, Substance Abuse/Social Work Practice (SW 410)
Child Welfare Practices and Policies (SW 425) OR Services to Families and Children (SW 420)
Volunteer Service and Community Engagement (SW 199) (Child Welfare Practicum)

 Choose 1 Course from list below:

Child Development (HES 262)
Psychology of Adjustment (PY 242)
Gerontology (SW/SO 403)
Ethical Decision Making (SW 415)

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