Personal Training

Our services may include the following:

Fitness Equipment Orientation:

Our Personal Trainers will explain the layout of the current weight room as well as proper set-up and use of all strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility equipment.

Personal Consultation:

The Personal Trainer assigned to you will assess your current workout program, help you with developing personal fitness goals, and develop an individualized fitness program that will help you accomplish your goals.

Nutrition Consultation:

Glenda Richey will assess your dietary habits and include goal setting for your personal needs. A follow up session to keep you on track and help set new goals as you progress in your new dietary lifestyle is also available.

Policy Statement regarding Personal Training

UNARec cannot adequately control and has no responsibility for the quality of personal training from individuals that are not employed by the UNARec.

These individuals may not have adequate academic background, national certifications, or training, ability, or experience to properly train clients.

The use of the UNARec for outside personal training also is in direct competition with the personal training service that the UNARec offers.


For more information or to schedule an initial appointment, please contact Glenda Richey