Gymnasium Policies

  • Use of electronic communication devices is allowed inside the gymnasium; however, users are responsible for being aware of all activity around them while utilizing such devices. Additionally, all electronic communication devices must be on silence mode as a courtesy to other patrons.
  • Photographic devices are prohibited in the locker rooms and restrooms.
  • Appropriate athletic shoes must be worn while using the gymnasium floor. Boots, sandals, socks only, bare feet, hard-soled shoes, open-toed or open heeled shoes and spiked heels are prohibited. Black-soled and red-soled shoes are prohibited unless they are non-marking. 

    Note: The above also applies to Open Recreation activities such as Darts, Baggo, Badminton, Table Tennis and use of the Heavy Bag since the activity is occurring on the gym floor and may damage the area.
  • Proper athletic clothing must be worn while participating – jeans, cargo pants, etc. are prohibited.
  • All pants and shorts must be worn at the natural waistline at all times.
  • Shirts or tank tops must be worn at all times by all users.
  • Gym bags, book bags or personal belongings are not allowed on the inner lane of the walking/jogging track around the gym perimeter or on the ledges of the windows. These items must be kept against the wall or on the provided benches.
  • Patrons are allowed to sit or stand on the outer lane of the walking/jogging track around the gymnasium perimeter, but please be courteous of others that may be using the track. If the track is being used, please sit or stand between the playing courts.
  • No food, chewing gum or candy of any kind is allowed.
  • Water is the only drink allowed and the bottle must have a closeable top.

Failure to abide by the policies below may result in loss of membership to the Student Recreation Center.

  • Hanging on the rim or pulling oneself up by the net.
  • Misuse of equipment.
  • Leaving the gymnasium through an Emergency Exit in a non-emergency.
  • Assisting entrance to the gymnasium to someone through an Emergency Exit.
  • Spitting on the walls or floors or in the water fountains of the gymnasium.