There are several scholarships through the Political Science Program that are awarded each year. Selection takes place during the spring semester with the scholarship being awarded during the following academic year. The exact amount of these scholarships varies from year to year.

Senator Howell T. Heflin Endowed Scholarship – Recipients must have demonstrated financial need based on the current and future need-based guidelines of the University and maintain a 3.0 GPA, with preferences given to juniors and seniors majoring in Political Science.  The scholarships may be renewable provided the recipient meets or maintains the required criteria. 

Frank B. Mallonee. Pre-law students nominated by the Political Science faculty. Preference given to rising seniors who are Pre-law majors. This scholarship is for one year, but prior recipients may reapply.

Harriet and George T. Mueller Endowed Scholarship. Open to full-time students who are pursuing a major in Political Science. The recipient(s) of the scholarship fund shall be selected by a committee comprised of all full-time political science faculty in consultation with the Office of Financial Aid. Only students who have achieved Junior or Senior class status and who are Political Science majors will be eligible for a scholarship. Priority consideration will be given to Political Science major(s) whose career goals include graduate study in Political Science. Other award selection criteria will include:

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.2 and a cumulative GPA in political science of 3.4.
  • A written statement of career goals and financial need.
  • An oral interview with the selection committee.

Awards to fund scholarship(s) can be made annually. The current scholarship holder(s) must reapply on an annual basis. The scholarship amount will not exceed that which is necessary for tuition and fees and books.