Qualifications for Membership

Required Qualifications for LaGrange Society Membership:

  • Have a minimum cumulative UNA grade point average of 2.50 as a degree seeking student and be in good standing with the University;
  • Be a Sophomore, Junior or Senior for the next fall semester; be enrolled as a full-time student (12 hours); and be eligible to serve the full academic year;
  • Be prepared to meet the attendance requirements for all mandatory events, including weekly meetings every Tuesday at 3:30, a weekly “on-call” hour, all UNA home football games, Preview Day, and a minimum number of other recruiting events;
  • Be willing, on occasion, to devote evening and/or weekend hours in support of UNA activities.

To Apply for Membership in the LaGrange Society:

Students who meet the above requirements and are interested in serving on the LaGrange Society are strongly encouraged to apply! Applications should be submitted during the month of February or March. All applicants will be interviewed during the week after Spring Break. View all application requirements here

Have questions about LaGrange Society? You are more than welcome to contact the advisor with questions! Mary Harber can be reached at mdaniel@una.edu.