HRL Important Dates

Fall Semester 2018

July 31 Tuesday Soccer Check-Ins (1-3pm)
August 1 Wednesday Apartment Check-Ins (9am-4pm) 
August 2 Thursday Football Check-Ins (1-3pm)
August 7 Tuesday Volleyball Check-Ins (1-3pm)
August 9 Thursday Sorority Check-Ins: Current Members ONLY (1-4pm)
August 12 Sunday Dance, Band, Navigators, & ROTC Check-Ins (1-4pm) 
August 16 Thursday Sorority Recruitment Participants (Must be registered with Fraternity & Sorority Life) Check-Ins (9-11:30am)
August 16 Thursday Upperclassmen Check-Ins (1-4pm)
August 17 Friday Mattielou & Rivers Hall (Freshmen Only) Check-Ins (9am-4pm)
August 18 Saturday Olive Hall Check-Ins (9am-4pm)
August 18 Saturday  Playfair / 8pm / Amphitheater
August 19 Sunday Mandatory Floor Meetings @ 7pm
August 20 Monday After The Fire / 7:30pm / Norton Auditorium / Freshman Residential Students Are Required To Attend
August 22 Wednesday Classes Begin
August 24 Friday UNA Glow Party / 9pm-12am / GUC Performance Center
September 6 Thursday Shaun King / Civil Rights Today: The New Civil Rights Movement / 7pm / Norton Auditorium
September 11-12 Tuesday & Wednesday Health & Safety Checks
October 9-10 Tuesday & Wednesday Health & Safety Checks
October 13 Saturday  UNA Homecoming
October 17 Wednesday Midterm
October 19 Friday Fall Break (University Closed)
November 10 Saturday Fall Preview Day / Residential Open House / 10:00am-1:00pm
November 12 Monday RA Recruitment & Selection Information Session
November 13-14 Tuesday-Wednesday Health & Safety Checks
November 21-25 Wednesday-Sunday Thanksgiving Break (University Closed) / Residence Halls Remain Open
November 27 Tuesday RA Recruitment & Selection Information Session
December 3-4 Monday-Tuesday Christmas Closedown Floor Meetings (Mandatory)
December 6 Thursday Study Day
December 7-12 Friday-Wednesday Finals
December 13-14 Thursday-Friday Health & Safety Checks
December 14 Friday Winter Break Closedown: Check-out deadline is at 4pm for any student that is not graduating and not returning to UNA for Spring 2019.
December 15 Saturday Fall Commencement
December 16 Sunday Graduating Seniors Check-Out By 12pm
December 20-January 2 Thursday-Wednesday Holiday Break (University Closed)

Spring Semester 2019

January 3 Thursday University Reopens
January 4/7 Friday / Monday New Student Check-In (8am-4:30pm)
January 7-8 Monday-Tuesday Opening Floor Meetings (Mandatory)
January 7 Monday Residence Hall Applications Open for 2019-2020 / 10am
January 7 Monday Apartment Applications Open for 2019-2020 / 10am
January 9 Wednesday Classes Begin
January 16 Wednesday Room Change Request Forms Accepted / 10am
January 16 Wednesday Consolidation Begins
January 21 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (University Closed)
January 23 Wednesday RA Application Opens
January 23 Wednesday Room Change Approvals Begin
February 1 Friday RA Application Closes
February 8-9 Monday-Friday RA Individual Interviews
February 12-13 Tuesday & Wednesday Health & Safety Checks
February 13 Wednesday Room Changes & Consolidations Conclude
February 15 Friday Summer Hall Application Opens
February 15 Friday Winter Break (University Closed)
March 1 Friday Midterm
March 12-13 Tuesday & Wednesday Health & Safety Checks
March 12-14 Tuesday-Thursday UNA Apartment Reclaim (Current Residents Only)
March 19-21 Tuesday-Thursday UNA Residence Hall Reclaim & Room Selection (Current Residents Only)
March 25-31 Monday-Sunday Spring Break (University Closed) / Residence Halls Remain Open
April 9-10 Tuesday-Wednesday Health & Safety Checks
May 1 Wednesday Roommate Request System Opens (New Students Only)
May 2 Thursday Study Day
May 3-8 Friday-Wednesday Final Exams
May 9 Thursday Halls Close / 6pm (Except Graduating & Summer Hall Students)
May 11 Saturday Spring Commencement
May 12 Sunday Residence Halls Close at 12pm (Graduating & Summer Hall Students Only)

Summer 2018

May 13 Monday May Term Begins / Summer Hall Opens
May 15 Wednesday Apartment Contracts End Phase 1 (Graduating, Transferring, and Withdrawing Students must check-out by 4pm)
May 27 Monday Memorial Day (University Closed)
May 30 Thursday New Student Advising & Registration
May 31 Friday Apartment Contracts End Phase 2 (For Non-Renewed Leases)
June 3 Monday Summer Term 1 Check-Ins (9am-4pm)
June 3-4 Monday-Tuesday Freshman SOAR 1
June 10-11 Monday-Tuesday Freshman SOAR II
June 17-18 Monday-Tuesday Freshman SOAR III
June 20 Thursday Priority Application Deadline
June 20 Thursday Deadline to Request a Roommate (New Students Only)
June 20  Thursday

Transfer SOAR I

June 27 Thursday

Summer Hall Term 1 Check-Out (By 6pm) 

Summer Hall Term 2 Check-Ins (9am-4pm)

July 1 Monday  Summer Term II Begins
July 4 Thursday University Closed for 4th of July
July 8-9 Monday-Tuesday Freshman SOAR IV
July 11 Thursday Transfer SOAR II
July 15-16 Monday-Tuesday Freshman SOAR V
July 18 Thursday Transfer SOAR (Evening)
July 20 Saturday Move-In Reservation Form Opens
July 20 Saturday General Application Deadline
July 21 Sunday Late Application Period Begins
July 22-23 Monday-Tuesday Freshman SOAR V
July 29 Monday Summer Hall Closes at 6pm
July 31 Wednesday Apartment Contracts End Phase 3 (Non-Returning Summer Students / Preapproved for completion of courses for graduation)