Unpack The Pride

We Need Your Help!

Unpack The Pride is the kick-off event to MANE Month at University of North Alabama. We invite faculty, staff, students, alumni, individuals, and organizations from UNA and the Shoals to help us welcome the Class of 2025 and our returning students as they arrive on campus and move into the residence halls. Volunteers are encouraged to bring smiles, muscles, and PURPLE PRIDE to ensure this event serves as a great beginning to the year. Volunteers will be provided with a free t-shirt! Roar Lions!

Volunteer Registration

Click HERE to register!

Volunteer Registration for Organizations

Instructions for registering an organization:
  • Sign in with the contact person's email address. 
  • Select the date/time for the shift that you are registering for.
  • Enter the contact person's name, phone number, and organization name.
  • Choose the number of spots you are registering (for example, ten participants = ten spots)
  • Click Save & Done
  • If you are only selecting one shift, click save at the top.
  • If you are selecting an additional shift(s), locate that date/time and click sign up.
  • You must hover over the blue bar and edit spots to the number of participants. 
  • Once completed, click save at the top. 
  • You may return to the main page or use your email login information to confirm your total spots. 
  • Please contact housing@una.edu with any questions or concerns. 

Dates & Times of Shifts

Wednesday, August 11th: 8am-12:30pm 
Wednesday, August 11th: 12-4:30pm
Thursday, August 12th: 8am-12:30pm 
Thursday, August 12th: 12-4:30pm 
Friday, August 13th: 8am-12:30pm 
Friday, August 13th: 12-4:30pm 
Saturday, August 14th: 8am-12:30pm 
Saturday, August 14th: 12-4:30pm 

Volunteer Check-In

Volunteers will check in behind Rice Hall at the Purple/White tent. You should arrive 15 minutes before your selected shift. 

Volunteer Parking

Collegeview Church of Christ / 851 N. Pine Street

Volunteer Appreciation

We value the time and energy that our volunteers put in to making move-in weekend a success. As a small token of our appreciation, we will provide a volunteer t-shirt, lunch, and drinks to each registered participant. 

Volunteer Duties & Opportunities

  • Unloading Vehicles
  • Carrying Items
  • Directing Traffic / Parking
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Door Greeters
  • General Assistance