Unloading & Parking

Click HERE for printable map. 

Step 1: Every resident/vehicle will begin the check-in process in the GUC Parking Lot. 

Step 2: Residents will then be directed to Pine Street. 

Step 3: You will enter the Rice/Rivers parking lot behind LaGrange Hall at the direction of University Police. 

Step 4: The Rice/Rivers parking lot is a drive-thru check-in site. You will confirm your arrival time, receive your unloading parking pass, key, and further instructions regarding unloading. 

Step 5: You will be directed out of the parking lot and to an unloading zone based on your assigned hall.

Step 6: You will unload your vehicle, take your belongings to your room, and immediately relocate your vehicle to the Parking Deck. We do ask that you move your vehicle from the parking deck to Lot OO at the end of the evening to provide space for the following day check-in process.