Cleaning Guidelines


At University of North Alabama, each resident is held responsible for the cleanliness of their bedroom and bathroom and is expected to maintain reasonable health and safety standards. Housing & Residence Life believes that this expectation coincides with the departmental mission to promote community responsibility.  It is the responsibility of the resident to ensure that his/her bedroom and bathroom meets these reasonable standards. Mirrors must be remain free from build-­up; sinks including faucet, basin, pipes, and countertops must remain free from soap scum, mildew, and build-­up; shower walls and floor must remain free from soap scum, mildew, and build-­up; shower curtain must remain free from soap scum, mildew, and build-­‐up; toilet including walls and floor must remain clean; general floor area must remain free from dirt, mildew, and build-­‐up; carpeted areas should be vacuumed, and garbage must be disposed of properly. It is also the resident‘s responsibility to acquire the supplies for cleaning. Cleaning Supplies for cleaning CANNOT be provided by UNA under any circumstances. A vacuum is available from each RA to check out for a brief time period.


The RA staff, using the UNA Room Inspection Form, will conduct a monthly inspection of each bedroom and bathroom. The following areas will be assessed each month: mirror, sink, shower walls, shower curtain, showerhead, toilet, floor, walls, general tidiness, safety concerns including but not limited to candles, unapproved appliances, improper extension cord usage, fire sprinklers, vents, excessive wall hangings/fire hazards, garbage, etc. The following rubric will be used in the assessment of each of the areas:  

Poor=the area has been seemingly neglected; dirt, trash, mildew, mold, or build-up pervades the area.

Good=although not spotless, the area has been cleaned and therefore dirt, mildew, mold, and build-up for the most part do not exist.

Excellent=the area is simply spotless.

A bedroom and bathroom will pass inspection, if each area is Good or Excellent. A bedroom and bathroom will fail inspection, if at least one area is Poor. The first time that a resident fails a bedroom and bathroom inspection, he/she will be given 48 hours to clean and rectify anything noted on the form.  If after 48 hours, the rooms are not cleaned or noted items corrected, the room and roommate/suitemates will be submitted for cleaning in the area noted.  Each resident will then be charged a $50 cleaning fee. Each monthly infraction afterwards will result in a subsequent additional $50 charge e.g. second infraction: $100, third infraction: $150 and residents may be subject to student conduct process. 

Inspections will take place during the following months: September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April



  • Keep your shower clean and mildew free – clean the shower walls and ceiling with a household shower cleaner as listed below on a weekly basis to prevent mildew (black spots) from building up. Warm, moist air is the number one reason for this build up and if left for long periods without cleaning, will stain the walls and ceiling. 
  • Clean floors at least twice per month to remove dirt and grime.
  • Clean toilets using household products at least once per week. 
  • Do not place hot curling irons/flat irons on the countertop. Place a towel under hot curling/flat irons and do not leave them unattended. Unplug before you leave the bathroom. 
  • Avoid clogged toilets & showers: Use bathroom tissue sparingly and do not put paper towels or sanitary napkins in toilets. If your toilet or shower is clogged, call maintenance (during work hours) or the RA on duty. Simple clogs may be plunged with a plunger, but sometimes this compacts the problem and the toilet may overflow.  


  • Vacuum carpets on a weekly basis.  
  • Spot clean any spilled liquids at that moment using water and blot with paper towels or a towel. Immediately submit a TMA work order for major spills.  
  • Do not place hot items on the carpet. Irons should not be placed on any floor or countertop while hot.


Below is a list of approved cleaning supplies by the UNA Facilities Department. Damages caused by supplies not on this list will result in the student paying restitution.

  • Ajax Liquid
  • Clorox Wipes (hard surfaces only)
  • Fantastik
  • Mr. Clean
  • Parson's
  • Spic & Span
  • Do NOT Use: Ajax powder, Comet powder, abrasive powders
  • Lysol
  • Windex
  • Do NOT use acid based cleaners or liquid clog remover
  • 409
  • Do NOT use abrasive cleaners
  • Blue Sponges
  • SOS Pads
  • Steel SPonges
  • Tuffy
  • Do NOT use Brillo pads, Chore Boy, Green Pads
  • Broom
  • Cleaning Gloves
  • Dust Pan
  • Mini-Vacuum / Vacuum
  • Mop / Swiffer
  • Sponges